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Leo Kearse - Comedian

Leo is an award winning live comedian (Scottish Comedian of the Year, UK Pun Champion), performing standup at the best clubs in the UK and abroad. He's Scottish and based in London.

He's bringing his new show "Right Wing Comedian" to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018, it's 2-26 Aug at 7:30pm at Espionage - Pravda room.

He is the co-creator of the hit show Hate 'n' Live, which has improvising comedians "hating on" topics suggested by the audience - Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets Room 101. 

Leo writes for several comedians and websites and appears as Mick Fleetwood in the ITV Studios drama "Breaking The Band: Fleetwood Mac".

Leo is a regular on TV and radio including Sky News, STV News, Question Time Extra Time, TalkSPORT and Al Jazeera - click here for his radio showreel.

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For live circuit bookings contact me directly at leokearse@gmail.com or 07786636700

For film, TV and radio work contact Mike Leigh at mikeleigh@mlatalent.com or 020 7993 8337

Edinburgh 2018

Leo's new show "Right Wing Comedian" is 2-26th August at 7:30pm at Espionage - Pravda room. Poking fun at liberal sanctimony and hypocrisy, Leo takes a scalpel to millennials, male feminists, #metoo, environmentalists, fat activists and Jeremy Corbyn, showing why socialists are selfish and Trump is great. It's an unsafe space - some diversity in the sea of soggy arsed lefty virtue signalling at the Fringe. 

“A solid hour of honest funny which will change your attitude” - Scotsman

Leo also appears every night in Hate ‘n’ Live, where comedians hate on audience suggestions -Whose Line Is It Anyway meets Room 101. Every night at midnight at Three Sisters - Maggie's Chamber.


Leo performs all over the UK and abroad for clubs including full weekends for the Comedy Store, Just The Tonic, Top Secret, Comedy Loft, Backyard Club, Covent Garden Comedy, TED Entertainment.

In 2018 he'll be performing in Adelaide, Melbourne, Ibiza, Turkey, Holland, Cyprus, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Belarus and Denmark. 

Leo is the current Scottish Comedian of the Year and the 2015 UK Pun Champion (but he doesn't do puns in his club set!).

Hate 'n' Live

Edinburgh Fringe - Hate 'n' Live

The smash-hit show returns for a fourth year, with top TV comedians – aka the Gladi-Haters – improvising rants on topics suggested by the audience. By turns raucous and surreal, this show has the audience on the edge of their seat as the comedians try to walk the line. Want to see Darius Davies, ***** (BroadwayBaby.com), Leo Kearse, 'seriously funny' (Scotsman), and guests hate on self-service checkouts? Scottish food? Or Jeremy Corbyn? It's up to you! ‘A great idea for a show, brutally funny... absolutely brilliant!’ (Scotsman). Warning: not for the easily offended!

Edinburgh Fringe full run at midnight every night 

Maggies Chamber, Free Sisters, Cowgate

 Pay what you want!


This is Pun-Man opening the show and warming up the crowd as MC at Pun Run.

Pun Man is ideal for events such as corporates and parties as the act is improvised and tailored to the event (bespoke puns are written in advance, eg to suit the industry or birthday boy/girl). The act is engaging and accessible to people with short attention spans and audiences who aren't necessarily comedy fans. 

Pun-Man's first show "Pun-Man's Pun Party" was a sellout at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 and Leicester Comedy Festival in 2016. His follow up "Girls Just Wanna Hear Puns" had a sellout run at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Leo has appeared in several adverts, as Mick Fleetwood in an ITV Studios drama "Breaking The Band: Fleetwood Mac" and in the controversial videogame "Super Seducer 2". 

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